Mar 20

A Graceful Exit in American Idol 2009

alexis_graceThe bottom 3 this week in American Idol 2009 are Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver, and Alexis Grace. Based on my personal assessment of their vocal talents, I was pretty sure Michael Sarver would make the exit. Unfortunately, the last one that I thought would be booted out was the one — Alexis Grace. What?!

Alexis is considered one of the better singers among the remaining contestants and it was a bit of shock for me. She didn’t perform Jolene that well the other night, but then again, I couldn’t even understand a word of what Michael was singing. It was totally undeserved. There was no doubt Alexis could redeem her poor performance in the coming weeks. Country music had always been the more difficult genre during the final rounds of the competition. It was too early an exit for such a talented singer.

Since the judges have a one-time option to save anyone from elimination, they did give Alexis a chance to be saved by letting her sing Jolene again. Although her singing was a little more passionate from desperation, it was no better than her previous performance. The judges deemed her undeserving to be saved. I’m pretty sure they are keeping that option for emergency purposes to save either Gokey or Lambert in the event any of the 2 gets a surprise kick.

Anyway, we look forward to next week when the contestants go for Motown music. Michael would have to come up with something spectacular to stay in the competition or pray that someone else messes up big time.

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