Mar 26

New Game Console May Dethrone Popular Consoles


The war on game consoles may just go a notch higher with Palo Alto’s entry into the market. Palo Alto’s new system, OnLive, is poised to enter the market as the new console to contend with because of cheaper cost and easier access for gamers.

Unlike popular game consoles such as the Wii, PS3, and XBox 360, OnLive streams top-end games to your television or computer. It is a small set-up box that can be plugged to your TV/PC and a broadband connection. It will provide players the same top-end games with no install time, no download wait, and the ability for continuous upgrade. With upgrading mainly software-based, you may never be stuck with obsolete hardware again. It even offers a replay feature which you can record and send to your friends.

Before the service launch, Onlive has already signed deals with reputable partners such as EA, Ubisoft, and Take-Two. And it even promises more partnerships before launch. Among the games already in lineup are Burnout, Grand Theft Auto IV, Crysis, and Mirror’s Edge.

However, there is one disadvantage that may disappoint gamers. Since it is an online streaming service, gameplay will be largely dependent on your internet connection. Higher graphic resolutions will require high-end broadband connection. An unreliable service provider will likely leave gamers frustrated and helpless. Moreover, the streaming video continuously adding up over the months will give heavy gamers unwanted attention from their ISPs.

Palo Alto has not divulged the possible price tag of OnLive yet, but claims they will be competitive with the subscription services of XBox Live. On the other hand, the console itself is cheap and may possibly be thrown in with the subscriptions.

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