Mar 28

Palm Pre: Another IPhone Wannabe


Seems like every new mobile phone coming out in the market is either mediocre at best or trying to be an IPhone. Now, we have the Palm Pre, another multimedia smartphone with a multi-touch screen and a user interface that is almost identical to the IPhone.

Let’s not sell it short though. Palm integrated some innovations on the Pre like the webOS which is a Linux-based operating system developed by the company. Unlike the IPhone, it is a slider which provides a separate QWERTY keyboard underneath the screen which allows for easier input. But what will make the Pre stand out is its wireless charging — the first ever on a smartphone. It will be called the “Touchstone” which utilizes electromagnetic induction through the use of a wireless charging dock. For this to work, a special Palm Pre wireless charging back cover is also necessary.

Palm expects launch around June 2009 but has not released any indicative price tag on this new toy.


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