Mar 31

Brassage Claims to Prevent Breast Cancer False

imageaspWould you believe it possible for a brassiere to prevent breast cancer?  Well, a recently well-marketed brassiere claims that it can prevent the disease most women fear.  It is called Brassage, a bra built with bumps on the side that supposedly massage away toxins from the breast.

According to its maker, Christina Erteszek of Intimate Apparel, traditional bras are hazardous to women’s health as they typically cause toxins to be retained in the breast.  And of course, this revolutionary $59 bra with its massage bumps stimulate lymphatic flow and flush those toxins away.

ABC news investigated the claim and sought the advice of Dr. Susan Love, a breast cancer researcher.  According to Dr. Love, there is no scientific proof that toxins accumulate in the breast on a daily basis.  In other words, it’s all bull.  It is also worth noting that the doctor who invented the bumps in the Brassage as published in their website is not actually a physician, he is actually a chiropractor.

When ABC News’ Juju Chang pointed out Dr. Love’s comments to Erteszek during an interview, Erteszek became upset and stalked out.  She did return eventually after calming down, but her confidence and composure was not the same as it was during the start of the interview.  Following the interview, the manufacture of Brassage has ceased and only a few retailers now carry the product.

There are more products out there that offer unsubstantiated claims. Needless to say, women should not allow other people to exploit our fears.  Let us be more discerning and avoid falling prey to these unscrupulous merchants.

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