Apr 04

Megan Corkrey Bids American Idol 2009 Goodbye


After another unusual performance this week in American Idol 2009, Megan Joy Corkrey gets the least number of votes and bids the competition goodbye.  It’s really too bad because her voice is one of the more unique among the group and she is absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately, her song choices were just as eccentric.  And it seems she will not compromise her taste to get the judges’ nods.

Anyway, my favorite performance of the week is from the sexy Kris Allen.  This time, he shows his versatility by abandoning his guitar and taking on the piano instead.  Tres cool!  Here’s a video of Kris Allen with Ain’t No Sunshine.

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  1. There’s a lot of talent in this current version of American Idol. I always feel that one of the main aspects that these young performers need is ‘staying power’, especially when they are eliminated.

    True talent needs to find a way, often independently. One of the keys, I think, is thinking in terms of a long term career.

    Thanks for the blog posting.

  2. faith says:

    Thanks for the comment. I agree with you. These competitors should look beyond winning the competition. They should keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to present their talent and marketability over and above getting the judges’ approval or the votes. Megan is a good example. She has the face and the voice. She can make it big with the right songs.


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