Apr 05

Unemployed Try TV Ads to Get Work

The unemployed has now reached over 5 million and there seems to be no signs of let up. Even those who did not feel endangered because of their skills are part of the list. While welfare provides temporary relief, the need to find a replacement is necessary. But with so few jobs out there, people are scrambling to get any type of job to survive.

With the difficulty in finding jobs, many have resorted to unorthodox ways of landing one. Active pursuit includes attending networking events, blogging, and making television ads. Yes, many are now selling themselves through advertisements like commercial products. Many believe it is the only way to stand out among the millions currently in search of new employment.

Now, there are television shows that allow job seekers to record 30-second commercials to market themselves to prospective employers. The show likewise includes tips on landing that elusive job. The advantage of these ads is that employers need not actively seek out their prospects, they see it directly while watching the show.

Nevertheless, it does not guarantee that the right employer will luckily be watching the ad. As such, it is only another measure that many have included along with the traditional job search.

While the economic crisis seems to have brought out the ingenuity in so many people, the big question still remains. How much longer can we weather the storm?

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