Apr 05

Use Cheaper and More Effective Moisturizers

Are your daily moisturizers eating up your budget? Instead of going to your local beauty store, why not look around your kitchen? Remember that most of the ingredients active in branded moisturizers can be found in your kitchen like the almond oil.

A light touch of almond oil on the body does wonders that can match the effects of expensive moisturizers in the market. It is easily absorbed and you don’t feel like jumping on a frying pan or oven.  Almond oil has a substantial amount vitamin E which is considered one of nature’s age-fighting anitoxidant. It also restores skin moisture and does not leave any scent that will mix with your perfumes or colognes.

If you check the ingredients of some lotions and other beauty products, almond oil is among the main ingredients.  Among those in the market are L’Occitane’s Almond Supple Skin Oil ($30 for 3.4 oz.) and Almond Body Butter from The Body Shop ($8 for 1.7 oz.). However, there is nothing like the real thing which will cost you half the price at twice the volume.

Who said beautiful skin had to be expensive?

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