Apr 09

Scott MacIntyre Finally Bows Out of American Idol 2009


Every week, I look forward to watching season 8 of American Idol because of the talented group they have this year.  But I still can’t stand the elimination episode.  It drags too slow for me even when they do have guest singers performing. I want to shout at Ryan Seacrest and just beg him to tell me who’s out.

Tonight, it is Scott MacIntyre who bows out of the competition with the least number of votes.  Along with him at the bottom were Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds.  I feel a hint of pity for the guy, but I am trying to ignore it.  I’m sure many would have hoped he stayed longer.  But Scott really has gone as far as he can go in the competition — not because of his disability though.  He is a good singer, but not nearly as good as the rest.

Interesting enough, Simon hinted earlier on that there was only 1 among the bottom 3 they would consider saving.  We all know who that is, of course.  Anyway, the judges actually decided to consider saving Scott and the guy sings his heart out again.  I wish the judges didn’t have to make him hope like that.  He was really bad yesterday, and it’s not any better today.  After the song, the women judges really want him to stay, but Simon put his foot down and says no.  That’s one thing you can rely on with Simon, he will not let emotion get the better of him.  I actually find it more contemptible to keep Scott hoping.

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