Apr 15

American Idol Top 7 Perform Movie Songs

americanidoltop7The much-awaited movie song genre in tonight’s American Idol 2009 show was completed, but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. There wasn’t any standout performance that I found memorable enough. It was another broad genre that probably made it difficult for some contenders to choose the right one.

For their performance tonight, Quentin Tarantino was the guest mentor. And since they barely had time last week to give their opinions to Adam Lambert’s Mad World, it was decided that only 2 judges will alternately give their critique for each contender. I’m sure many are crossing their fingers they don’t get Simon.

Allison Iraheta sang “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing,” (this is a mainstay in every Idol season) which she did quite well. Then again, it wasn’t a performance worthy of much accolades. She did it better than “Don’t Speak” though. Simon says she is the women’s only hope in the competition. Anoop Desai did “Everything I Do” from Robin Hood. It was a good performance which may keep him longer in the show.

Adam Lambert did “Born to Be Wild” from Easy Rider. Many anticipated him singing a rock song tonight as he seems to be alternating his soft and wild sides. It was a typical Adam rock performance. Not bad, but as Simon puts it, it’s not going to be as popular as “Mad World” last week. Matt Giraud didn’t do too well with “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” from Don Juan. It was a bit off on some parts. Danny Gokey sang “Endless Love” which may be his worst performance to date. He has to start picking up or he might get overtaken.

Lil Rounds sang “The Rose” by Bette Midler. She isn’t going to make it. I’m not sure what is wrong with her when she sounded really good before the real race began. Finally, the best performance this evening belongs to Kris Allen. Kris sang “Falling Slowly” from Once. I think I heard this during an Oscar awards ceremony. It was really good. Weird thing is that Randy didn’t like it . . . huh? Here’s a video of Kris Allen.

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