Apr 18

Wii Market Dominance Slipping

wii_in_trouble_300In the past years, the Nintendo Wii undoubtedly won the console wars over competitors Sony PS3 and the Microsoft XBox 360. Many believe the triumph was largely attributed to games that caters to the entire family while its competitors have hard-core gamers as their target audience.

Nevertheless, after 16 months, the Wii may be slipping as the PS3 overtook sales for the first time in March 2009. With the hardware problems of the XBox 360, it may appear that the competition now has come down only between 2 video consoles. The Wii’s slip may be due to the quality of games available for the console. Developers have continuously encountered problems with the Wii’s configuration. This leaves the PS3 at the type of the industry with its wide variety of quality games.

I have always believed the PS3 to be the stronger console with its blue ray playing abilities and astounding game collection. In the end, is Sony still the King of the Consoles? The ball is in Nintendo’s court. We’ll have to wait and see how they deliver against this challenge.

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