Apr 23

Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai Eliminated from American Idol 2009


Following the disco performances of American Idol contenders, tonight is the double eliminations after judges saved Matt Giraud last week from elimination.  Yesterday, I guessed that the bottom 3 were Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds, and Anoop Desai.  I predicted Matt and Lil to exit tonight.  I was right about Lil and Anoop, but Matt didn’t make the bottom 3.  Apparently, he got more votes tonight than Allison Iraheta (unbelievable!).

Ryan Seacrest changed his format tonight.  Instead of calling the bottom 3 and declaring the safe contender, he called out Lil first and immediately announced her elimination.  After the dance and song numbers, he announced that the next contender to be booted out was between Anoop and Allison.  Since it was between these 2 contenders, it was obvious that the better singer would stay.  Anoop was sent packing tonight with Lil.  Too bad really.  I think he was the better performer than Matt.

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