Apr 29

American Idol Top 5 Does the Rat Pack

contestantsIt’s the Rat Pack tonight for the Top 5 in American Idol 2009.  Their guest mentor for this round is Jamie Foxx.  Since there was a lot more time to kill now, they show a video of the contenders getting a surprise from Jamie.

The competition starts with Kris Allen singing “The Way You Look Tonight.”  It was an outstanding performance.  Danny Gokey really has to keep up now.  Allison follows with “Someone to Watch Over Me.”  It was another great performance.  But I hope the audience gives her a chance seeing how she keeps getting on the bottom 3 despite good performances.

Matt Giraud is next with “My Funny Valentine.” It was pitchy and I bet this is as far as he goes. Then again, there have been surprises in American Idol in the past years. Danny Gokey sings “Come Rain, Come Shine.” He doesn’t make any big changes to the song, but he definitely showed off his vocal prowess here. And finally, we have Adam Lambert singing “Feeling Good.” He did tell Foxx he was going to rock this one. It another unique performance from Adam and he remains consistent in showing the audience the type of performer he is. Though I am not much of a rock fan, I say he is up there among the best veteran rockers of the century. There is no doubt Lambert will make the finals.

Simon had a separate interview prior to the performances tonight where he predicts the showdown to be between Lambert and Gokey. Yet, he said Kris Allen made a big jump and could be the third. Here is my favorite performance tonight from Kris. I think I will add Adam Lambert’s great performance for his fans out there.

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