Apr 30

Matt Giraud Eliminated from American Idol Season 8

b-matt-giraud-4406aee657faThis season’s American Idol just went weird tonight. Ryan Seacrest first placed Matt Giraud and Kris Allen on one side and Danny Gokey with Allison Iraheta on another. Then he asked Adam Lambert where he felt he belonged based on last night’s performance. Adam chose to be with Danny and Allison, but he made the wrong choice. Apparently, he belonged to Kris and Matt’s side which is the bottom 3. What?!!

Kris and Adam at the bottom 3 was way off. Of the 5 remaining contenders, it was Allison and Matt who were frequently at the bottom. Now, for the first time, Kris and Adam are down there. Simon did say Danny is a strong contender because of the sympathy factor. It would be a big disappointment if he wins over Adam who is the most original and consistent of all contenders — that is an objective opinion considering I really don’t enjoy rock music. Danny, on the other hand, remained stagnant all throughout. I have heard nothing amazing from him for weeks. As a matter of fact, I don’t even remember the songs that he sang. The most memorable for me were Adam’s Tracks of My Tears and Mad World. Kris was unforgettable in Ain’t No Sunshine.

Anyway, next week, it’s going to be rock and roll. If Simon is right, it could be Allison who will be packing next. But Kris will have to raise his performance a notch higher, else, the red-head teen can bump him off in this genre.

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