May 20

American Idol Season 8 Finale Will Be A Tight One

Tonight, one of the most popular seasons of American Idol will show the final performances of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen as they vie for the title. Though a lot more hype has been linked to Adam, Kris undoubtedly has the chance to take the crown because of his appeal and conservative nature. Nevertheless, authentic music experts and enthusiasts agree that Adam is the more talented singer because of his singing versatility. Throw in his eccentricity and you’ve got yourself a star in the makings of Queen, Prince, and Madonna. They say the true makings of a singing legend is that he/she should be able to stand out among the mediocre performers in the industry who come and go.

Even if Adam fails to get majority of the audience votes tonight, he has already made his mark and will continue to make more. I believe the very reason Season 8 has become a milestone for American Idol is because of Adam Lambert. Everyone wants to see that unusual artist who can amaze and shock you with his singing and his personal life. Like any singing legend, you either love him or hate him, nothing in between. And it is this very reason that everybody watches and listens to him — he is unforgettable. Enough Adam pimping. Let’s move on to the performances.

Adam sings first with the personal choice category. I’m uncertain if they were required to sing a song they have already sung, but both chose something we’ve already heard (a bit of a disappointment). Adam sings Mad World and renders it just as haunting as he did before, if not better. The judges find no fault and praise him. Simon did criticize his trench coat. Kris chose his best song (in my opinion), Ain’t No Sunshine, and gets the thumbs up from judges, including Simon. Simon says Kris wins this round.

The next round is Simon Fuller’s choice for each contender. Adam sings A Change is Coming (Patti LaBelle) and performs it beautifully as expected. The judges loved it. Kris performs What’s Goin’ On (Marvin Gaye) for this round. It was not a bad performance but Randy and Simon agreed that it was too laid back for a finale performance. Simon declares Adam the winner for this round, though not miles apart from Kris.

In the final round, both contenders sing No Boundaries which was co-written by Kara Dio Guardi. It was not a really great song, even Simon makes fun of the lyrics after Adam’s performance. However, Adam does a decent rendition, though not perfect. On the other hand, Kris seemed way out of his league with the song, especially with the high notes. Adam gets good critiques from the judges. As for Kris, the judges seemed to be appeasing him for his performance at the same time giving him a polite farewell. While we are on this really bad song, may I extend my commendations to Adam for being so polite and tactful when he was asked by reporters about this hideous song during the post-performance press conference.

Despite the judges opinions, we all know the audience choose the winner based on their personal bias. Considering Kris’ appeal to teens and women, he cannot be discounted yet. American Idol is known for its surprises. I guess it’s pretty obvious I’m rooting for Lambert. It’s surprising though that I don’t like rock and Kris’ style is more my preference. But even if some of Adam’s songs aren’t pleasing to my ears, the way he draws me to watch and listen to him is extraordinary. I am not a rock fan, I am an Adam Lambert fan.

Tomorrow, we will find out how America voted. By the way, there was news that Rod Stewart will be performing tomorrow. I wonder if he will do a duet with any of the contenders. While we wait anxiously for the final show, here are the videos from the finale performances tonight.

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