Jun 10

Adam Lambert Bares All

Courtesy of www.rollingstone.com

Courtesy of www.rollingstone.com

Now that I have gotten over Adam Lambert’s loss in American Idol, I will finally let go of my frustration with this post on his revelations in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. From the cover spread alone, I guess we all know that he finally answered the question many had since the start of the competition. Is Adam Lambert a Friend of Dorothy?

After the competition, he did consider giving the press his answer to this question.  However, he says he changed his mind and decided to reveal everything in Rolling Stone instead.  He was never ashamed of who he was.  He claimed that he never answered the question during the competition because he wanted everyone to focus on his singing rather than his personal life.  In his interview, he finally answers, “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I am gay.  I’m proud of my sexuality.  I embrace it.”

I wasn’t surprised and I’m sure many fans were aware of it too.  But everyone still wants to hear it straight from his mouth.  From what we have learned about Adam, he doesn’t seem to be the type of person who balked at being a non-conformist.  There were speculations though that his contract with AI may have prevented him from divulging his sexual preference.

As days pass, I am becoming more and more impressed with Adam’s personality and convictions.  He is certain about who he is and cares nothing for people’s opinion about him.  What is more impressive is the way he handled his loss.  Despite rumors of cheating in Arkansas, Adam expressed in an interview that he doesn’t believe any cheating occurred.  He firmly believed all the controls were in place and Kris Allen rightfully got more votes than him.  No bitterness and still full of confidence despite the loss.  This same position he takes is what draws more people to him.

Since Adam is so forthright in answering questions, he also admitted in Rolling Stone that he found Kris to be the most attractive among all the other guys in the competition.  Adam goes so far to state that Kris was his type because he was nice, nonchalant, and pretty — except he has a wife.  Considering how close they have become and that Adam is a decent person, I doubt Kris minded this statement.  I can even imagine both of them laughing about it.

Regardless of Adam’s sexual preference, my awe for his talent remains.  I never doubted he was gay.  I knew and I still rooted for him like he was my younger brother.  Hence, my heart bled to death when he lost.  Apparently, he had more grace than many of us fans ever had because he took it so well like the man that he was.

My adulation for Adam extends to his parents who I am certain contributed so much to the person that he has become.  His acceptance and love for who he is stems from the same love and acceptance I am certain his parents give him.  I can only hope that I will be able to raise my 3 boys as well as they did.

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