Jun 23

Megan Fox is Not a Dude, But She is Bisexual

Rumors have been circulating the past few months that Megan Fox, the hot chick in Transformers, was a man.  As I pondered the possibility, it was almost impossible to grasp considering her figure.  Wow, if a man can have curves like that, maybe I should get a gender reassignment surgery too.

It all started during her interview in February at the Golden Globes where she claimed to feel so insecure — she said she looked like Alan Alda and that she was a man.  She did mention she wanted to have Salma Hayek’s boobs.  The internet went nuts in  a few hours as many misconstrued her joke.   Soon, Weekly World News had given her a whole new childhood, claiming that she was previously named Mitchell Reed and that his parents had finally given up making him a man and finally  endowed him with a gender reassignment surgery as a birthday gift.  Lol, the internet is so full of crock it’s almost impossible to tell which doesn’t stink.

Anyway, Megan Fox seemed to be unaware that public comments like those are hardly funny in Hollywood.  You can’t make a gender joke anymore without being suspected of hiding the truth behind the pun.  However, in her interview with GQ last October 2008, she did mention that she felt more masculine in terms of her interests and hobbies.  She said that there was an upside to dating a woman like her who was almost a man — she likes the same things, except she has a vagina.  She probably picked up the same concept for the Golden Globes interview. Voila!  The internet world found something to use to get people on their site.  Then again, it’s still publicity for the upcoming sequel of Transformers.

The latest though, is that she confirmed being bisexual during an interview on 14 May 2009. She believes that humans were inherently made to have the ability to become attracted to both sexes. This she learned when she fell in love with a female stripper when she was 18. I got that from Wikipedia — let’s see what the rumor mongers make of it.

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