Jun 30

Put the Sun in Your Bag

For decades, scientists have been trying to harness the power of the sun as an alternative energy source. Harvesting solar power was not the problem though. It was creating solar cells that could be less bulky than a bus that was complicated. Much of their success in producing portable solar cells during the early years involved gadgets that required minimal power to operate such as calculators or digital wristwatches.

45801_1_468At the turn of the 21st century, the geeks in the lab gowns that make those cool gadgets finally made more ground with solar energy. Of course, they haven’t gone so far as to create a solar-powered IPhone or PSP. They did come pretty close though. In an age where some of what we have in our bags or backpacks need recharging regularly, they have finally made one of the most useful innovations of the decade — solar-powered bags that can charge your cellphones, PSPs, IPods, or even laptops. Cool huh? Now, there is no need to panic when your cellphone starts making that beeping noise before it finally takes its last breath. Just plug it into your bag and you’re safe till you get to another power outlet. I love geeks!

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