Aug 17

Justin Bieber — One of the Youngest (& Hottest) Singers on the Rise

Since I am turning 40 this year, I’m trying desperately not to lose touch with what my teenage kids are enjoying. Aside from joining them in watching movies they like, I also listen every now and then to music they have on their iPods. Though some of them are difficult for me to relate to (like rap music), I do enjoy some of their hip hop and dance tunes. This weekend, they eagerly showed me a YouTube video of the latest teen singing sensation that has been capturing the ears and hearts of the younger generation. It was a video of Justin Bieber, a 15-year old musician who seems to sing with the soul of a veteran R&B singer.

My kids have let me listen to the music of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, and Taylor Swift. But Justin Bieber seemed to have caught my attention more than the rest because of his age. He still hasn’t made the Billboard Top 10, but I am pretty sure he will get there in time. His first single, One Time, debuted at number 95 in the Billboard Charts. However, most of his fans have already heard his songs from the YouTube videos.

Justin is raised by a single mom in Ontario, Canada where he started with percussions at the age of 2. Since he was basically banging on anything he could lay his hands on, his mother bought him a drum kit, keyboards, and a guitar. He then taught himself to play all 3 instruments.

It was in 2007 when his mom uploaded Justin’s video, singing Ne-Yo’s “So Sick,” in a competition that he finally got his break. It was intended for viewing by friends and family. However, as his video clips grew, so did his fans. Justin is now number 23 in YouTube’s most subscribed musicians. His video of “One Time” has been viewed more than 2 million times since its upload.

Among his fans was Braun, who took great lengths to find him and bring him to Atlanta to meet with Usher. Usher then brought him to sing for Island Def Jam CEO Antonio “L.A.” Reid. Justin went on to sign with Island Records and RBMG, a label where Braun and Usher are partners. His album, “My World,” is scheduled for release by fall, while his single “One Time” was launched on August 11.

According to Usher, Justin Bieber is an amazing talent and believes he is poised to become an incredible artist. Here are live footages of Justin Bieber.

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1 comment!

  1. Debora DeTurck says:

    I just love his voice, Amazing young man!
    I wanted to know how or who I contact to hire him for our event?


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