Sep 08

Alex & Derek King Released From Prison

Alex and Derek King were only 12 and 13 years old when they murdered their father, Terry King, in November 2001. Derek beat his father with a baseball bat in his sleep while Alex egged him on. Later, the boys burned down their house to conceal the deed.

Both subsequently confessed to the slaying where Alex thought up the plan while it was Derek who had swung the bat. During the trial, reports surfaced that Rick Chavis, a neighbor who was a convicted sex offender, had convinced the boys to kill their father. Chavis was initially acquitted, but was later convicted as accessory after the fact. With various versions of the story coming out during the trial, the boys’ motives remain unclear. Initially, both claimed that they were afraid of being punished after running away from home 10 days earlier. During that time, they stayed at Chavis’ home. This further led to speculation that Chavis and Alex were in a relationship.

The brothers were eventually convicted of third degree murder. Alex was sentenced for 7 years imprisonment while Derek was made to serve 8 years. Now, after nearly a decade from their father’s death, both boys have been released from prison. They granted NBC an interview which seemed to show that both are now doing their best to rebuild their lives no matter how difficult. Will recovery from such a horrid event be really that easy? I hope so.

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