Sep 25

Will Crystal Bowersox Get Enough Votes to Win Over Lee Dewyze?

With just one day before the finals of American Idol 2010, there is only one question in my mind. Can the talent of Crystal Bowersox be enough to garner more votes than the shy Lee Dewyze? For the past years, American Idol has been dominated by male winners, leaving the female contestants hardly any chance to even make it to the finals. This year, Crystal’s talent was enough to make it to the finals. Despite the following that Casey James earned over the weeks, her musical prowess cannot be denied. But will it be enough?

Based on audience preference the past years, it is likely that Lee will get the title despite Crystal’s talent. Lee is easy on the eyes and has the ability to woo girls with his sexy voice. I think he even has more appeal on women than last year’s winner, Kris Allen, with his modest demeanor. What could be more attractive than a young, gorgeous, and talented musician with a surprisingly unassuming character. The girls are practically screaming themselves to death. And let’s face it, majority of voters are women from teens to cougars. While Crystal is deemed to have more musical talent, it’s unlikely there are more men texting or speed dialing for their idol than women.

Most analysts predict that women stand a very slim chance of winning American Idol these days because of audience demographics. It can be argued that there are still discerning voters out there — Casey James’ matinee idol looks wasn’t enough to land him in the top 2. But when it comes down to the finals, the winner is actually the one who gets more fans of eliminated contestants on their side. Who do you think will get the votes of Casey James’ fans?

Let’s not rule out Crystal this early though. She can still win this if she proves her talent is 200x better than Lee’s. It will take more work on her part (and maybe an unexpected blunder from Lee) to get the title, but it is still possible. American Idol 2010 may not be as exciting as American Idol 2009 with the eccentric Adam Lambert and conventional Kris Allen battling for the crown, but I’m pretty sure some people will still want to know who wins. Let’s just hope the next season even survives sans the controversial judge Simon Cowell.

Good luck to Crystal and Lee! Meanwhile, here’s a video of Crystal and Lee singing Falling Slowly.

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