Sep 27

Lee Dewyze is the 2010 American Idol

As predicted, Lee Dewyze wins the title as American Idol for 2010 garnering more votes than contender Crystal Bowersox. Despite pitch problems, Lee still managed to get the votes from teenyboppers and older women. Apparently, he got most of Casey James’ fans on his side.
Though there are those who believe his talent would be wasted with the win, the AI crown is still no easy feat. This could also be the last credible AI competition being Simon Cowell’s last. Of all AI winners, very few have really made it far. David Cook and Kris Allen’s career seem to be going no where while that of Taylor Hicks is almost non-existent. On the other hand, those who exited early are flourishing in every way possible — Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson are currently at the top of their game. It wont be such a surprise if Casey James’ career soars even higher than both finalists — his duet with Axl Rose tonight was pretty cool.

With Lee taking the title, it appears that America is still as predictable as ever.  In the end, the screaming and giggling prevails and it becomes difficult to hear the music beyond the din.

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