Nov 14

The Evolution of Worldwide Employment

As technology continues to develop, our way of living likewise moved in directions we never even imagined decades ago. The worldwide web has found a way to connect almost every human being in the planet which created possibilities and opportunities like never before. We can do everyday tasks from the comfort of our own home with just a computer and an internet connection. Since data transfer can be implemented from one end of the globe to the other almost instantaneously, communication, banking, and sales have changed face. And there is no turning back.

With the economic recession still hounding almost every progressive country in the world, many have found ways to adapt and survive with the help of technology. Businesses are looking for ways to lower cost and people have discovered a way to battle rising unemployment head on. If there are no jobs available locally, why not find one in other parts of the world? It is exactly this type of scenario that is making online jobs thrive. Though online job opportunities have been around for a while, no one considered it a viable and stable source of income years ago. The risk of getting duped or scammed was high and the opportunities available were mostly limited to those involved in web development or programming.

Now, the scenario has changed as many retailers are looking for ways to cut cost and increase sales. Similarly, consumers are looking for bargains or purchase goods without having to go out and shoulder high gasoline prices. With almost everyone turning to the computer for everyday needs, advertisements are no longer limited to TV commercials or billboards. Newspapers are even predicted to go extinct in the future. Consequently, businesses are not only looking for programmers.  Online jobs now range from simple data entry clerks to web content writers to virtual assistants. The market has widened exponentially as every part of the globe is virtually connected to the internet.

Several websites have now discovered the necessity to bring together employers and contractors worldwide. At the forefront of the industry is oDesk. oDesk is considered responsible for professionalizing employment outsourcing online. A system has now been established to limit fraud in providing online service. Contractors or employees can now work with their hours logged in while employers have the capability to monitor their work. Since the marketplace is practically available to every country in the world, employers and contractors alike are provided almost limitless choices.

With this new trend in employment, even large corporations are jumping on the bandwagon to reduce cost and find the talent they need in a bigger market. It is now possible to engage the services of accountants, IT personnel, and clerks in other parts of the globe without having to bring them to the workplace. Even smaller companies have the opportunity to avail of the services of topnotch talents without the need to enter into complicated contracts. There is no difficulty in evaluating qualifications of contractors in oDesk since profile information include test results they have taken online on various competencies and also feedbacks from every employer that they have worked with.

On the other hand, employees now have the flexibility to work for several companies within agreed work hours and limits. They have the option to accept hourly contracts which are guaranteed or fixed price contracts with lesser constraints on time. Moreover, they can do their work in the comfort of their own home without having to deal with office politics or gossip. It is even easier now for parents to juggle time between work and their children.

The success of oDesk has prompted several new websites to follow suit. Even existing websites have now decided to follow the business model that oDesk has established. Still, oDesk has taken the lead years ahead and catching up will be a tall order even for the most experienced developers. The organization’s vast experience in building online relationships between employers and contractors will be difficult to follow or simulate. To date, oDesk has more than 720,000 worldwide contractors offering their services as software programmers, web developers, customer representatives, writers, and virtual assistants.  And over 215,000 employers are now on  board, generating more than $10 MM per month in contractor earnings.  As a matter of fact, on August 26, 2010, oDesk reached a major milestone as the company surpassed the 1 million work hours per month mark.  oDesk has truly revolutionized the way the world works.

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