May 16

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – The Final Battle

On July 15, 2011, the most popular fantasy novel ever created will release the final installment of the movie version. Thus ends the movie version of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. For those who have avidly followed the 7-part novel, there are no surprises left when it comes to the plot. We just want a visual representation of the Harry Potter series. As with other movie adaptations of great novels, none so far have ever matched any of the books. But no matter how book fans like me are disappointed with the movie adaptations, we still need to see it. We can gripe later about how much better it should’ve been.

The last movie ended in the middle of book 7 with the heart-wrenching death of Dobby. When I read this part in the book the first time, I shed tears I never did when Dumbledore died. When a friend of mine asked me what was so devastating about the death of an elf, I wasn’t sure. Maybe because it was the most critical save on Harry’s life that anyone has ever made. And what made it heartbreaking was the fact that it was done by a childlike being who sacrificed his life for a friend.

What will I miss most about JKR’s Harry Potter series? It’s the feeling I remember the first time I always hold a new Harry Potter book in my hands after waiting for years. And I can’t wait to get home to read every word. Part of me hopes that JKR will get inspired to start another series of books again. Then again, another part of me dreads the idea that if she writes again, it will not be as good as Harry Potter. Despite numerous authors wanting to follow JKR’s footsteps in the past decade and even going so far as to claim the book to be the next Harry Potter, none could ever match its imaginative and magical story. As a matter of fact, even the series itself seemed to have gone downhill after HP book 4.

Now, just 2 months away from the final chapter of Harry Potter’s life, we await with bated breath the final movie from the series. My only hope is that it will make up for the past movies that have constantly disappointed me. Here is the official trailer to whet your appetite.


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