Aug 03

Charlie Sheen Character in Two and a Half Men to Die

charlie harper

After much speculation about how Charlie Sheen‘s character will be written off Two and a Half Men, it was reported that the character of Charlie Harper will be killed.  The ninth season premiere of the show will feature the funeral of Charlie Harper which will show all his ex-girlfriends in attendance.  It is finally clear that producers have no intention of ever having Sheen back on the show.

Ashton Kutcher Two and a half menSheen was fired last March after clashing with producer Chuck Lorre.  The termination came following reports of Sheen’s unprofessional behavior during taping brought about by his bout with drugs and alcohol.  Apart from forgetting his lines, Sheen would come to taping with no sleep the night before and had to be propped on furniture to maintain his balance.  Sheen denies ever being anything but brilliant and one who never missed the mark.  Warner Brothers Television claims that show outtakes can disprove Sheen’s claims of brilliance.

According to insiders, Lorre never doubted that death was the only way for Charlie Harper to bow out from the show.  Charlie Sheen will be replaced by Ashton Kutcher whose character is introduced as a potential buyer for Harper’s home.  Kutcher will play the role of Walden Schmidt, a broken-hearted internet millionaire.  Rumors abound that a number of celebrities will appear in cameo roles on the ninth season premiere to pose as prospective house buyers.

With Two and a Half Men set to start its ninth season on September 19, one question remains — can Ashton Kutcher fill the shoes of Charlie Sheen and keep the series a hit?

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