Aug 08

Simon Cowell Expects X Factor to Beat American Idol

Simon CowellFollowing the kinder (and bland) version of the revamped American Idol a few months ago, Simon Cowell predicts that the US version of “The X Factor” will easily outshine its other rival singing competitors as it debuts on Fox in September 2011. The former ruthless judge of the American Idol is set to return as the same unmerciful judge in The X Factor which reunites him with previous AI judge, Paula Abdul.

Unlike American Idol, The X Factor will accept solo and group singing competitors 13 years old and above. This time, the singing competition is prepared to shell out a whopping $5 million prize for the winner. Moreover, competitors will be auditioning in front of a live audience and judges will likewise serve as competing mentors to the singers. Other than the unprecedented cash prize, the winner will also garner a recording contract with Cowell’s Sony Music record label, SyCo.

Though fans may now be eager to see Though fans may now be eager to see Simon Cowell diss and trash contestants once again, it remains to be seen whether the former sparks between him and Abdul will be eagerly anticipated as well.

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