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iPhone 5 News and Rumors

iPhone 5

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The gadget world is once again abuzz with excitement with rumors of the new Apple iPhone 5 release expected this year.  This time around, there are no engineers losing their prototype iPhone in a bar to give us a a premature glimpse of the new release.  What can only be ascertained is that it will have upgraded features and hopefully no reception problems like its predecessor.  It is likely not enough to stifle everyone’s excitement and impatience, but here are a list of the new rumors about the iPhone 5.

  • Rumors abound that theiPhone5 launch is anywhere between September and October 2011.  There was an alleged information leak inAT&Tclaiming that no vacations were allowed  during the last 2 weeks of September .
  • It was reported that China Telecom has reached an agreement with Apple to sell 2 models of theiPhone– the allegediPhone5 and a much simpler version of theiPhone 4.
  • 10 million units ofiPhone5 are slated for production by Pegatron and shipped to Apple in September.
  • Wireless carriers have now received prototypes of theiPhone5 to test network compatibility.
  • There were rumors of tear-drop design as rendered by based on alleged information from sources.  Contrary to earlier reports that the home button will be scrapped and become part of the touchscreen interface, the report says the home button will be bigger.

As we draw nearer to September and October, there is no doubt rumors will accelerate and get hyped more and more.  Stay tuned.

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