Aug 18

iPhone 5 Expected Launch on October 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Image Mock up Courtesy of

Sources of reported that the iPhone 5 is targeted for release within the first week of October 2011, possibly the 7th.  Unlike the iPad2, there are likewise speculation that pre-orders will be available either on September 29 or 30, 2011.  So far, no official reports have been issued regarding the new features of the new iPhone model.  There are speculations that a media event, possibly during the pre-order stage, will give us a glimpse of the iPhone 5 and its new functions.

Hopefully, the improvements will not make us wait for a few more years for a better cam or sms function.  When the speculation that the home button will be part of the touch screen seemed unlikely, it was quite a disappointment considering it’s one of the achilles heels of both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.  A couple more years maybe . . .  probably in the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 8.

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