Aug 23

Megan Fox Saying Goodbye to Monroe Tatoo

Megan FoxIt seems that one of the many tattoos of Megan Fox is no longer needed as she admits to having it removed.  After people noticed her Marilyn Monroe tattoo on the right arm fading, she admitted that she is parting ways with the iconic actress.  According to her, Monroe represented a negative image because of personality disorders.  Previously, the Fox mentioned that Monroe’s tattoo served as a warning to her to never allow the film industry to break her down.  She probably feels no need for the warning now.  Nevertheless, she still keeps some of her other body art intact.

Meanwhile, after rumors that Megan Fox has an eating disorder, the actress now starts to gain weight and getting her curves back. She admitted to losing much weight and has now dropped her vegan diet of raw fruit and vegetables.  She now eats a bit of everything getting back the body she had always been famous for.

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