Oct 13

Apple iOS 5 for iPad and iPhone Released

iOS 5

The much awaited release of operating system iOS 5 for the iPad and iPhone is scheduled for today.  The new operating system claims the the new operating system comes with 200 new features, including the iCloud, which is touted to change the way users can interact with the online world.  The iCloud is the upgrade to the system last promised by the late Steve Jobs in his last public appearance in June 2011.

The iCloud is a system that offers Apple users to store data, such as music, messages, documents, and downloads, on Apple’s own cloud server in the worldwide web.  This new feature offers users more flexibility in the storage of their data commonly stored in their iPad, iPhone, or computer.  This provides more storage options for users to store data, making it more available to them wherever they are.

Another new feature is the iMessage which allows users to send text over Wi-Fi or 3G network instead of letting your mobile carriers do it for you for a fee.  This means bad news for mobile carriers who stand to make less money for data transmissions sent by users.  A new document reader for the Safari web browser with more space for your document is also part of the upgrade.

The new iOS 5 will be available to users as soon as they plug their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to their computer and launch iTunes.  Despite the disappointment of iPhone enthusiasts when the more revamped iPhone was not as extensive as expected, the new iOS 5 is definitely a good last legacy for the legendary Steve Jobs to leave behind.

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