Jun 16

Chris Brown Brawls with Drake

chris brown bar fightAs of this writing the bar brawl between Chris Brown and Drake still remains a mystery.  Based on a tweet from Chris Brown showing an image of his injury, a melee broke out between him and Drake along with their posse early Thursday morning at W.i.P. nightclub in SoHo.  Reports indicate that Chris has been interviewed by police, but the NYPD is keeping mum about the incident.

Unconfirmed reports from witnesses claim that Brown sent over a $2,000 bottle of champagne to Drake’s table.  In response, Drake sent over a note saying, “”I am f**king the love of your life.”   Obviously, the note was referring to Brown’s ex Rihanna who is currently dating Drake.  However, Brown’s camp is denying that such incident happened and was not the reason for the fight.  As a matter of fact, managers claim that no punches were thrown — just a lot of glass.  Soon after, photos of the W.i.P bar with broken glass strewn all over the place makes its round in the web.  Police are hoping to get a better perspective of the incident as soon as they are able to secure the club’s surveillance video at the time of the incident.

WiP bar fightAmong those injured during the fight was model Ingrid Gutierrez who sat at Brown’s table when it ensued, getting a nasty hit on the head with a bottle that had her bleeding.  Her lawyer is currently in the process of acquiring all the necessary evidence to determine the one responsible for the assault.  Ingrid is said to have suffered multiple bruises, stitches, and trauma to her face which may require cosmetic surgery.

Aside from Ingrid, NBA star Tony Parker was also there with friends when the melee started and suffered a minor eye injury.  Bystanders seem to have sustained more injury considering that Chris Brown just suffered a gash on his chin.  Chris’ bodyguard did take a bad head wound from the incident.


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