Jul 08

Samsung Galaxy S III at a Glance

Galaxy S 3

Following the success of the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II, Samsung is on a hot streak as it launched the Samsung Galaxy S III just days ago.   At first glance, there appears to be no significant difference between this new model and the most recently launched older Galaxy.  Behind the hood, it may tell a different tale because this new Samsung smartphone is touted to be a powerhouse with its quad-core processor.

The easiest improvement to spot is the 4.8-inch display, slightly bigger by 0.15 inches than the Nexus which translates to about 8% difference in surface area.  It still sports the brand’s famous AMOLED display, but produces better contrast and hues than the older models.  On the other hand, the 8 mp camera shows off better performance with virtually no shutter lag over and above the crisp images produced.  Similarly, video footage boasts of a 1080p/30fps quality with impeccable playback.

At the heart of the Galaxy S III is its Exynos Quad processor which accounts for the great speed and performance of almost any of its operating features.  Not only does it improve shutter speed and video playback, but it improves web-browsing immensely.  This outstanding performance likewise translates to more efficient battery utilization.  A looped video test on the Galaxy S III resulted in an impressive battery life of a whopping nine hours.  Given the size and resolution of the screen, it was quite a feat.

The only drawback to the Galaxy S III may be the Samsung Touch Wiz skin that works along the Android 4 OS.  It seems to skew the user interface which should be much more efficient with just the Android 4 alone.  Touch Wiz makes the entire thing work like the old Android 2.3 interface.

Overall, the Galaxy S III is a great update to the popular older models.  Nevertheless, considering how fast competition from other brands is catching up, using a high powered processor will not be enough for it to rise above the rest.  Pretty soon, consumers will realize other models like the HTC One X or other smartphone brands may be just as good as the Galaxy.

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