Jul 22

Suspected Colorado Shooter James Holmes Finally Found Online

James Holmes online

Image courtesy of TMZ

After the tragic mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the race to know more about the suspected shooter, James Holmes, began.  Holmes allegedly entered the movie theater screening The Dark Knight Rises and open fired in front of the viewers using an automatic weapon.  When word spread that Holmes may have no digital footprint, curiosity increased further.  How can a 24-year old single male not have a Facebook account?  Apparently, TMZ may have won the race when they uncovered a possible profile in Adult Friend Finder.

When Holmes was arrested in the parking lot near the shooting, he had orange hair and claimed to be the Joker.  With 12 dead and 59 seriously injured, police attempt to search for clues to determine the cause of Holmes’ alleged rampage.  Authorities scour the web in hopes that his Facebook profile or other social media platforms will reveal his motives.  Unfortunately, James Holmes did not exist in social media.  Those who knew him from his neuroscience graduate program in the University of Colorado Medical School describe him as a smart man, but strange.  Others say he was a recluse.  His lack of social media accounts had experts contend he may be depressed.  According to them, depression may be characterized by either excessive use of the internet or none at all.

But just a few hours in, TMZ released a possible profile matching James Holmes found in Adult Friend Finder which was created on July 5, 2012.  The avatar had orange hair and did look like Holmes.  It matches his age and further reveals sexual preferences.  More importantly, the profile had a shout out — “Will you visit me in prison?”  Whether the profile is authentic and was made by Holmes remains to be seen.  For now, the tragedy remains cloaked in mystery and may never really make sense.  Our sympathies go out to the victims and their family.

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