Aug 14

iPad Mini Rumored for Release this Fall

If recent rumors of the $249 iPad Mini are true, Apple’s new gadget may be the hottest item this holiday season.

Apple iPad Mini

With the successful launch of the Google Nexus 7, rumors of an upcoming iPad Mini grows even stronger as the holidays come near.  Despite doubts previously voiced by the former Steve Jobs about a smaller tablet, Apple may have decided to join the mini tablet bandwagon, especially with the success of Amazon, Google, and Samsung.  The Amazon Kindle Fire was surprisingly accepted by the market even with its limitations.  Just a few weeks ago, Google’s 16gb Nexus 7 was sold out while the market kept clamoring for more.  With the holidays just a breath away, can you imagine how a cheaper iPad mini will fare if indeed rumors are true?

According to Asian sources, the iPad Mini is slated for release on September 12, 2012 together with the much-awaited iPhone 5.  Price is rumored to range from $199 to $299, but many insist that $249 is the magic number.  Unlike the 7″ Nexus, the iPad Mini is said to be around 7.85″ but much thinner than the iPad 3.  Of course, it will be powered by iOS 6, but it will have an IGZO display rather than the much expensive Retina displays of the iPad 3.  Though not as gorgeous as a Retina display, the IGZO from Sharp is a close second.

Whether it’s true or just a dream for many, a smaller iPad would definitely be the ideal tablet for kids (especially for iBooks) and those who prefer a handier table to lug around.  However, the biggest come-on will definitely the cheaper price.  Though users of Android tablets will not admit it, most settled for the price.  Well, just a few more weeks and we’ll know if the dream of an iPad Mini is for real.

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