Oct 18

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Back Together?

Kristen and Rob seen together in public for the first time after the scandalous break-up in July.

Robsten Reconcile

After all the hoopla of the break-up between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in July, everything appears to be rosy again just weeks before the release of the last movie in the Twilight movie franchise, Breaking Dawn 2.  Was it really a surprise that something would change before the final chapter of Twilight premieres in November?  My apologies to teen fans for my skepticism . . . I’m way beyond my teens.  I guess when we are talking about big bucks, the distinction between love and infidelity starts flying out the window.

Anyway, the couple were seen Sunday night at Ye Rustic Inn (an LA bar) with friends for the first time after the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders affair broke up the Twilight lovebirds and crashed the hopes and romantic illusions of millions of fans.  According to Entertainment Tonight, Kristen and Rob spent 4 hours together with friends and were seen happy and cozy together.  But reports about the couple being back together were just implied considering no smooching or hand-holding were ever witnessed. 

Yet, the rumor mill is working hard with supposed friends of Kristen and Rob claiming the two are working it out and just trying to lay low.  It was also said that Kristen bought a $2.2 million home just 1.5 miles away from Rob’s place.  Well, whatever the real score is, I am pretty sure it will be clear to everyone after Breaking Dawn 2 is shown at the end of the year.  Even if I do appear cynical, here’s hoping the fairy tale survives despite the fact that it would prove me wrong.  In this day and age, we can all do with an authentic love story once in a while.

For fans out there, here is the video of Kristen and Rob from Ye Rustic Inn, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight. May the odds be ever in their favor — oops wrong movie . . .

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