Nov 17

Hostess Announces Shutdown After 82 Years of Operation

Is it time to say goodbye to Hostess Twinkies?
hostess shutdown

After 82 years of being part of American culture, Hostess announced that it will be closing its doors.  Following failure to reach an agreement with its striking factory workers, the company decided to liquidate and lay off 18,500 of its workers.  CEO Gregory Rayburn stated that the company no longer has the financial resources to support an extended nationwide strike.  What about our Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, Ho Ho’s, and Donettes?

Though Twinkies have long been the representation of America’s bad eating habits, it continues to be the most iconic snack food in the country.  Even post-apocalyptic movies with zombies show how much Americans crave this high-calorie snack.  Is it time to hoard Hostess snacks in your fave grocery?  Aside from the fact that having box-loads of Twinkies in your home is dangerous to health, many believe that such a familiar icon in the food industry is unlikely to disappear without a trace.  Before Hostess completes liquidation, it is likely that other food companies will grab at the chance to get Twinkies under their product line.

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