Dec 08

Washington State Legalizes Marijuana

legal marijuana

Did you ever think a day will come when we start watching TV ads urging us to take pot?  “Start your day with a smile with Mile High MJs!  Puff it or dunk it in milk and leave your troubles behind!”  Though many are despairing about the crumbling of values and what nots, I think I am actually on the fence with this one.   So, when news broke that Washington state finally legalized possession of marijuana effective this Thursday, I just shrugged my shoulders.

After hearing so many horror stories about the tragedies of alcoholism, I don’t believe I am in a position to oppose the legalization of pot.  Or maybe I don’t have all the right information to make the judgment.  All I know is that pot makes you giggle and laugh a lot and really eat a lot.  It does sound harmless than hearing about a drunk father beating up his wife and children.  Of course, it does help that many are testifying how pot improves the quality of life of cancer patients and those with painful diseases without repercussions that could be worse than the disease itself.

Despite arguments by advocates of marijuana, is it really safe to have pot accessible to almost anyone in the street?  Even with prohibitive prices, does the argument that alcohol is much more dangerous merit legalizing possession?


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