Dec 21

Facebook Plans $1 Fee to Deliver Messages to Non-Friends

Facebook FeeAfter reaching another milestone with a billion active users, Facebook has revealed that it will be testing out charging a dollar to users who want to ensure delivery of messages to non-friends.  According to the largest social networking site in the planet, this will discourage spammers from sending messages to non-friends.  Normally, messages from non-friends arrive in the “Other” folder instead of the inbox.  With the $1 fee, non-friends get to send us messages directly in our inboxes.  And as many are aware, we do receive email notifications from inbox messages.

On the flipside, it appears to be another advertising scheme being offered to advertisers.  It seems that Zuckerberg’s baby is finding more creative ways to monetize the network and take advantage of its over 1 billion active users.  Just recently, Facebook offered users the option to make their updates visible to more friends with a $7 fee.

Anyway, for avid Facebook users, I hope the Facebook $1 fee tag didn’t leave you cold and clammy.  No, you will not be charged a dollar for using Facebook.  It is still free for non-advertisers.  For now . . .

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