Dec 21

The World Did Not End Today

Mayan calendar ends but world still turning smoothly on its axis.

apocalypse 2012Yes folks, it’s December 21, 2012 and the world is still in one piece.  The Mayan calendar has ended and Nibiru did not hit earth out of its orbit.  And there is no wayward meteor that NASA missed that would end life as we know it.    While we wait for doomsday preppers to emerge from their ark, underground bunkers, or apocalypse safe havens, many secretly breathe a sigh of relief underneath all the bravado.

Then again, there are parts of the world when it’s still the 20th . . . the Mayans may not have specified the specific timezone when the world will meet its impending doom.  But my kids are looking forward to aliens showing up or finally revealing themselves.

Whether a wayward planet does decide to suddenly zoom out of nowhere to knock us off like bowling pins, I’d like to wish everyone a happy holidays.  Just in case . . .

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