Jan 14

Anne Hathaway Wins Best Supporting Actress Award for Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway -FantineIt came as no surprise that Anne Hathaway garnered the Best Supporting Actress Award for a Comedy/Musical at the Golden Globes for her haunting portrayal of Fantine in the most recent take on Les Miserable.  I just saw the movie and there is no question that she is the hands-down winner.    I have heard the song I Dreamed a Dream performed so many times by different singers and actresses.  But I have never felt the anguish and pain of the song till I saw Anne’s performance.  She was brilliant.  

Anne Hathaway is now considered the front-runner for the Supporting Actress award at the Oscars.  This is probably the year that most of the supporting role nominees performed better than their lead counterparts.  I will not even attempt to compare Anne’s performance with the one that garnered Jennifer Lawrence her award.

Congratulations to Anne Hathaway!  And thank you for finally helping me to understand how painful it can be to have life kill a young mother’s dream.  I truly understand how Tom Hopper felt when he watched Anne perform — in my case, it was more than tears that I had to clean off my face after watching the performance.  Bravo!

After a year, I decided this post cannot be justified without the performance that still brings tears to my eyes when I watch it.


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