Dec 24

iPhone 6 Coming in May 2014?

iPhone 5 vs 5S
You just came from the Apple store and now excitedly unwrapping your new iPhone 5S. After configuring everything like your iPhone 5, you browse the net to find out how you can dress up your new toy, something stops you dead in your tracks — “Apple to release iPhone 6 in a few months.”  If you’re contemplating hitting your head with your new baby, don’t.  There’s probably no significant improvement with the rumored new iPhone — check out the difference with the iPhone 5 versus the iPhone 5S.

Samsung Flexible Display

No, it’s not going to have that curved display that Samsung has been floating around with the Galaxy Round.  But it is rumored to be bigger than any iPhone ever released.  Looks like Apple is trying to get in on the phablet trend — though unlikely to be as big as the Galaxy Note, it is said to be in the 5-inch range.  Rumors estimate the release of the iPhone 6 by May 2014.  Apple has never released iPhone models this close to each other and will most certainly affect the current sales of the iPhone 5S.

To fanboys and fangirls, this is a nightmare.  For someone like me, it’s just another excuse why I still haven’t bought my first iPhone — just heard the new one is coming out soon, will wait for it. :-))

Happy holidays  to everyone.  Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to us all!

P.S.  Thanks to Google for the Christmas gift — Certified Blogaholic is back to PR1!! Wooohooo!  To those so-called SEO experts who say that a PR Nada is a deathbed, find another freakin job . . .  

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