Mar 03

Oscar 2014 Winners

Not really sure how to start another post after Oscars 2014, but one thing I do remember is wanting to be part of that group selfie that Ellen staged.  I’m not much of a picture person and I am not the type that comes running to join when group pictures are taken — but this one I’d give anything to even have my finger in.

oscars 2014 group selfie

Ellen’s Oscar group selfie that broke Twitter after being retweeted 1.7 million times within an hour.

Of all the winners tonight, the most deserving for me without question was Jared Leto and I am truly glad the Academy agreed with me. Jared has made Rayon an unforgettable character in Hollywood. Leo still failed to snag the actor award . . . maybe next year.  At least he will still have something to aim for and keep making great movies.  And the moment he does take the stage for the award, it will be epic.

I really wanted Her to win the Best Picture award, but at least it grabbed the original screenplay as a testament to its unique story.  You don’t see a lot of unique stories in Hollywood and hopefully there will be more cropping up soon.  I think I’ve grown tired of movies talking about slavery, disease, boy meets girl, the apocalypse, and zombies.  One that keeps us riveted and scratching our heads has become a rarity.

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see another round of beautiful movies this year.

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