Oct 13

The Walking Dead Season 5 – Finally Together Again

The Walking Dead 5

Just finished episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 5 — awesome!  As with the past seasons, it did not disappoint.  The first episode was definitely worth the wait and the excitement.  And just like everyone else who loves good television, I’m so hooked.  I’m not ruining it for anyone who has not seen the episode — let’s just say it’s just as stressful, nail-bitingly good, and scream-worthy as ever.  I watched the entire show at the edge of my seat without blinking an eye.  The only bad thing about it is that it ended after 43 minutes.

So, who’s dying next? Your guess is as good as mine.  But I was ready to jump straight into the tv screen halfway through the episode.

Horror fanatics can tell me that the best zombie story is some movie made decades ago, but I’m not biting.  I’ve seen my share of zombie shows and nothing beats The Walking Dead.  True, it was not as gripping when it started out.  Now, I am truly in awe of how it evolved.

Here’s to hoping for 5 more seasons of The Walking Dead — even if I have my hands over my face, I promise not to blink as I watch it through my fingers.

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