Dec 19

The Walking Dead: Should Beth Greene be Resurrected?

Beth Greene Dead

I understand how unexpected Beth’s death has been to all fans.  I think I stopped breathing after I saw the shot.  But aren’t those unexpected moments, those unforeseen twists, that make The Walking Dead one of the best TV series we have ever seen?

C’mon people! A dream sequence in The Walking Dead?  The very idea is making me sick. This is not a soap opera where the ending shows the hero and his beloved walking hand in hand towards the sunset.  OMG, are you kidding me? This is The Walking Dead — we all know they all die in the end, except probably for Carl.

Like Beth said, “no one’s comin.”  It’s a zombie apocalypse.  Even when they had that stupid scientist saying there is a cure, I knew it was a stupid hoax to save his hide, to have an entire battalion protect him from the walkers.

The dream sequence storytelling is so 80’s and Pam Ewing of Dallas is long dead.  It will destroy one of the few remaining good series left on TV.  Please don’t.  When Lizzie killed her little sister and Carol killed Lizzie, we took it bravely.  From that point on, we knew the show was set apart from all the rest.  This is not a happy ending show and it will never be.  If it is, hell, let’s bring Hershel back too.  What about Lori?  Wouldn’t it be better to resurrect baby Judy’s Mom?

So, for all those doe-eyed fans petitioning to bring Beth back, please stop.  If you can’t take it, watch something else to give you a happy ending . . . there are so many out there.

Beth is dead.  It happens even in real life.  And no amount of petition can bring back loved ones we have lost.  We move on and honor their memory.  Truth is, there is nothing I’d like more than to wake up and realize the last 20 years were just a dream in my life.  Hey, wouldn’t that be great?  But if I start wishing and believing in that, my kids will probably be the first ones to bring me to the nuthouse.

Let’s leave the dead in peace.  And it’s best we prepare for the next important character we are very likely to lose. It will happen. Count on it.

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