Jan 06

Galavant: Starting 2015 with a Song and a Dance

Galavant TV Musical

After the dry spell on TV during the holidays, I was raring to find out what networks and cable has to offer for the new year.  While I did see some regular shows start their year like Resurrection, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Musketeers, Gotham, etc, I saw a new one on the list that I have not heard coming.  Apparently, ABC wanted to ride the medieval bandwagon with their 4-week mini series Galavant.  But unlike the medieval lot we see running these days, Galavant comes with a twist.  It’s a comedy musical. 

Galavant is a unique collaboration of Alan Menken, Glenn Slater, and Dan Fogelman.  Imagine a musical Disney movie combined with The Princess Bride . . . brilliant. I actually thought I would be treated to a 10-show per season series only to be disappointed when I found out it will run for only 4 weeks.

Despite reading a description of the show before I started, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.  It started with a song medley from the main characters recounting the premise.  Galavant (Joshua Sasse) is about a medieval hero who must battle against King Richard (Timothy Osmundson) who stole his one true love Madalena (Mallory Jansen).  Trust me . . . the story is not your typical dashing hero risking life and limb to save the love of his life.  It’s a little more complicated (and funnier) than any medieval love story we have seen.

king richard and garethThe song and dance number from Timothy Osmundson and Vinnie Jones as his henchman was a memorable scene in the pilot episode.  While Joshua Sasse was not bad, Osmundson absolutely steals the show.  He plays the idiotic King Richard perfectly.  But I do find his henchman Gareth’s (Vinnie Jones) singing and dancing a lot more amusing.

Galavant did wake me up from the TV doldrums of the holidays.  It is disappointing that it will be over after 4 shows.  Then again, I’d rather have a remarkable mini series than a full tv series that slowly deteriorates until you barely care what happens in the end. Let’s keep this one short and sweet.  It may not have a line we will remember like the ones from Iñigo Montoya, but maybe it will leave us with a song that stays in our head . . . hopefully something better than Let it Go.

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