Jul 07

A Series of Unfortunate Events from Netflix


Netflix announced late last year that it will be creating a TV series based on the 13 books of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.  For someone who has been craving for great tv shows, the announcement was good news and bad news.  Good news — it’s a brilliant idea and a comfort for someone who loved the film but was robbed of the gift of seeing the rest of the books on screen.  Bad news — they announced it too early and now I’m itching to see even a glimpse of what it would be like.  News on this highly-anticipated tv series say the cast will be announced by 2016 yet. What??!!

The truth is, I’ve never had the chance to read the books.  And before I can even get around to reading them, Brad Silberling’s movie came out in 2004.  Not having read the books may have been a blessing because I loved the film.  There was nothing for me to compare it to and it turned out to be one of the most entertaining movies I have seen.  For me, it was perfect — the visual theme was beautifully consistent, the somber tone, and the actors were just flawless.

Baudelaire orphans

Of course, fans of the books aren’t happy.  What else can we expect from a movie adapted from a good series of books?  It’s the way the world works.  No movie that stays true to the book will be cinematic.  Reading a book is different from watching a movie.  Many will disagree, but I’ve watched enough movies to trust that even the most brilliant moviemakers know they need to make tweaks to keep us on the edge of our seat or to get us hooked while watching.

With mixed reviews and just decent profits, no sequel ever followed.  So, imagine the excitement of fans when Netflix decided to give the books another shot on the smaller screen.  This is indeed the golden age of television. I am more excited about series premieres than what’s showing on the big screen.

Well, it was on Sunday that a certain Eleonora Poe put up An Unfortunate Teaser on YouTube.  The teaser was spot on for the ASOUE tv series.  But Netflix did not acknowledge it as an official release and it was dubbed as a fanmade trailer.  Really??  Many are skeptical since it looked too good to be made by just a fan.  You decide . . .

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