Aug 03

Watching the Magic of Riftworld Chronicles

riftworld chronicles

It was late and I still could not get myself to sleep.  And worse, there was nothing to watch.  I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy for the umpteenth time.  I was still reeling from the season ender of Game of thrones.  The only thing I could see on TV were mediocre attempts at becoming more than just a one-season TV series.  These days, I’ve seen enough season premieres that couldn’t pull it off. There were even some who couldn’t make it past season 1 episode 5.

So, I ended up going through a movie streaming site to look for short films.  The good thing about shorts is that they never last long enough to disappoint.  For a fantasy and sci-fi geek like me, a short film titled “The Portal” with an image of a man in a gilded robe looked promising.  And for just over 13 minutes, I found myself laughing at a wizard  trapped in the 21st century that we live in now.  It was hilarious and I loved every minute.  Even when I watched it the second time, I was still laughing at Tahmoh Penikett calling the cab driver halfling.

Thank God I was not the only geek that loved it.  The Portal gained a following that craved for more.  The creators decided to pursue a web series funded by Kickstarter.  After a successful campaign, I finally got to see 8 short episodes of season one in the Riftworld Chronicles website.  For those who love a good fantasy, please watch it here and share it with friends.  Let’s keep this short story moving.

Meanwhile, here’s the original short film for those who would like to meet the wizard Alar and the bored travel agent Erica.  Well met, fellow travelers.  Hope you have a good lunch too.

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