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Will Fear the Walking Dead Follow the Success of its Predecessor?

fear the walking dead

Yes, we are all pining for The Walking Dead and we can’t wait to see what happens next.  Did AMC actually find a way to make the wait bearable for us?  Fear the Walking Dead premiered last week and so far, I am liking it. My curiosity is piqued and I want to know more.  I want to know what happened before Rick woke up in a world where there are more zombies than humans.  AMC is definitely cashing in on the zombie apocalypse theme while it’s still hot.

Fear the Walking Dead is the companion series to The Walking Dead.  It tells the story of how the zombie apocalypse started before Rick and his group got together. But according to creators, it will stop short of telling us how it started.  They refused to call it a prequel and instead see it as a parallel story to The Walking Dead.  That’s understandable if they predict that the new series will be just as successful.  If it gains the same followers, it can’t stop at the point when Rick wakes up.  The network does insist there will be no crossover.  But will there be cameos?

I watched the first 2 episodes and like most pilots, it was still a bit slow.  The characters look believable enough.  Nothing ruins a good tv series or even a movie than a wrong actor playing a major role.  Unlike The Walking Dead, this would seem to focus on a family dealing with the crisis.  It’s going to hit closer to home for most of us.  What do we do if the zombie apocalypse does happen?  And this time, the father is not a skilled UN investigator while the mother a soldier. What if we were just normal people driving cars on our way to a desk job after we drop off the kids in school?  How are we to survive?

At first glance, looks like AMC has another winner in their hands as they take advantage of their success with The Walking Dead.  But we’ve heard TV series that only lasted 1 season after losing steam in the middle.  Hopefully, Fear the Walking Dead will give us a welcome respite from Rick and the gang.

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