Oct 26

Nooooo! Is Glenn Gone??! Noooooo!

glenn is dead

Still watching Season 6 Episode 3 of The Walking Dead and they just killed off one of my fave characters.  Noooo! Glenn is dead. Why couldn’t it be just Rick?  Not Glenn . . . no.  How can I go on watching??

During attempts to lure the zombie horde away from the town (darned truck horn), Glenn and Nicholas volunteered to attract the horde away from their hiding place by burning down a feed store.  Unfortunately, the feed store is already burned.  With zombies coming from everywhere, Glenn and Nicholas tried to escape but got cornered in an alley.  Nicholas, knowing it was the end, killed himself and fell off the container they were on, taking Glenn with him.  The last shot showed Glenn under a bunch of zombies feasting on flesh and guts.

I didn’t think they would kill a major character this early.   Does that mean someone else is dying before the season ends?  If it’s not Rick, I don’t know how I can take it.  If Daryll goes, it will break my heart even more.

The truth is, I had hints Glenn was going to be one of the earlier ones to go.  I kinda figured they decided to save him since they were not following the graphic novel story line anymore.  Glenn was my first favorite character in the series.  Daryll was still a bit of an antagonist in Season 1.

While watching the episode, I was a bit on the fence when it was a coin toss between Glenn and Michonne.  I like Michonne too, but now that it was Glenn that fell, I sort of wished he survived instead.

But wait . . . I just read another blog post of hopeful fans theorizing that Glenn may yet be alive.  Really?? Yes!!! The last shot showed guts being taken out just above his chest.  Nicholas may be on top of him.  Yes!! OMG . . . let Glenn be alive. He’s alive!!! (crossing my fingers :-))

Now, here’s to memories of happier times . . .

The walking dead cast


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