Oct 28

Agents of Shield: 4,722 Hours

fitz and simmons

I never thought I’d write about Agents of Shield in my blog.  The only reason I watch is to make sure I don’t miss anything while watching the Avengers saga.  This new season had an interesting side story though.  Fitz and Simmons rarely become the focus of any episode, nor did they even stand out in any season.  They are not inhuman nor do they have superpowers.  The team can’t live without their brain powers though. 

Most TV series thrive on having a love story angle no matter how trivial.  It’s a good anchor for viewers if they get lucky enough to find the right match — Rachel and Ross, Carrie and Mr. Big, Pacey and Joey, Kevin and Winnie, Sheldon and Amy . . . etc.  I’d really like to add Barney and Robin considering the fantastic marriage proposal and the final season showing entire episodes about their wedding.  But producers deceived millions of viewers with the finale episode ending up in their divorce and Robin being with Ted ultimately.  It was duplicity at it’s finest.  I fumed and cursed the writers and producers of How I Met Your Mother for days.  It was a stab in the back — I actually don’t even know the actor’s name who played Ted until that day.  That was how insignificant Ted was to me and him getting the girl instead of Barney was unacceptable. Ugh . . . I thought I’d gotten over that one.

fitz and simmons 2

Well, Agents of Shield tried to go that route about 2 seasons ago when Ward dropped Fitz and Simmons in the ocean inside a cargo container.  Fitz sacrificed his own life to save Simmons, declaring romantic feelings before he did.  It was a small hook.  He suffered brain damage while Simmons got out unscathed.  They lay the bigger hook at the end of last season when Fitz finally asked Simmons out on a date.  Of course, they had to make viewers wait longer.  Simmons get sucked up by a monolith portal into another dimension before that date.

With the start of the new season a few weeks ago we see Fitz doing everything in his power to get Simmons back.  Again, he risks his life by jumping into the portal himself instead of the drone.  So, our nerdy scientist is now the biggest hero on the series because he manages to get back with Simmons safe in his arms.  But it is strange that Simmons seem desperate to return.  The sad twist was just delivered with the newest episode.  Simmons finally explains her need to return to the other planet/dimension.  She survived months in the other dimension because of a hot astronaut and they got together.  WTH?!  Then again, Fitz proves himself the better man with his unconditional love for Simmons — he will help her to save her effing astronaut. I am feeling frustrated right now, but I am aware it’s the bigger hook the series planned all along.

This heartbreaking turn of events now places every viewer on Fitz’s side.  Every female viewer now finds Fitz the hottest guy on the show.  Doesn’t every girl want that smart, regular-looking guy who would do anything for her no matter the odds?  Who wants a hot-looking astronaut who killed his companions?  I can rant all I want but they know they’ve got me.  I’m now watching every single minute regardless of how much airtime Fitz and Simmons are given on the show.  But if this turns out to be another Barney – Robin scam, please just get one of them killed instead.  And I said I’m done with watching romance on TV shows . . . .

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