Dec 01

Fall Finale: How to Get Away with Murder

Annalise Keating

Before the Thanksgiving break, How to Get Away with Murder aired its fall finale, showing how Sinclair got killed and  Annalise was shot.  My initial theory that Bonnie was once again the murderer of Sinclair was a bust.  Apparently, it was Asher this time — something we totally didn’t expect at the start of the season.

And Annalise was shot by no other than Wes.  While she did encourage them to shoot her to manipulate evidence, Wes ended up intending to kill her with a shot in the abdomen instead of the leg.  Looks like Annalise went too far by revealing that Rebecca is dead.  She meant to make it easy for Wes to shoot her on the leg, but her fave pup went nuts with the revelation and shot to kill instead.

But what really makes the long wait for the next episode (scheduled to air on Feb. 11, 2016) almost unbearable is the secret behind Annalise being part of Wes’ childhood.  As she lay bleeding, she mutters “Christoph” which turns out to be Wes’ name when he was a kid.  The scene does a flashback with little Wes being interrogated by police about his mother’s death.  Behind the one-way mirror watching is the young Annalise and Eve.  What was it that the two did to become part of Wes’ tragic childhood?  When Wes hears the name Christoph, he remembers.

Of course we know that Annalise survives to live another day.  How else will the show survive without the brilliant Viola Davis?  Among the Keating 5, I do like Laurel and Connor the best.  Also, I didn’t like the idea that Oliver has become part of the gang.  He is not entirely squeaky clean, but he is the most decent, not Wes.  Wes with his doe-eyed puppy look is the least I would actually trust.  His impulsive decision to kill Annalise is proof.  Was he so hopelessly in love with Rebecca to lose control?  At some point, he also had doubts about Rebecca.  So, instinctively attempting to murder your mentor over a girl you hardly know is really off. We’ll know more when they reveal more about Christoph.

Well, that is how to make a Fall finale — just when your audience thinks everything has been revealed . . . bam!  I was at the edge of my seat almost the entire episode.  And with nothing else on TV that can really match this drama and excitement, it is going to be a very long wait for the next episode.

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